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Best salon List in Dwarka

Why we need the best salon in daily life?

Imagine someone questioning you on, why do you visit the salon on a regular basis? There could be many answers to it but it would get difficult to put into words as it is all about experiencing the best salon feeling.

Making it easier for you, if we put it in simpler language every person whether a man or a women are bound to participate in a world full of competition, if they don’t do so then it would hinder their growth in various stages/aspects of life. Every man wants to have a clean look and every women wants to wear her beauty as she walks down the lane which makes them follow the act of constantly being in a well-groomed state, this is the first and most important reason for visiting a salon, coming to the next reason which is a feeling of just being relaxed, taken care of, self-loved and all sorts of sensations that people look forward to experiencing.

Apart from matters that are not related to feelings alone is the matter of fact that when someone visits the salon the barber or the specialist first updates the customer with the ongoing fashion trend which in return results to a much updated look also enhancing the knowledge of the ongoing trend to the customer. The knowledge can be on any trends relating to haircuts, makeup, smoothening processes, curling, straightening, waxing, using better hair products and so on the list continues.

To sum up, salon is a place which not only relaxes you physically but mentally also and keeps you up to track with the current fashion trends. We are listing below our best salons in Dwarka. They will give you the premium and enrich the salon experience in Dwarka.

To find out the best salons in dwarka out of more than 75+ salons in dwarka itself was a huge task. The following listed salons are some of the very best.

What is unisex salon?

That's what unisex salon is - a wholesome grooming experience where the stylists are professionally trained to take care of both women as well as men with utmost care and passion. The quality of service and professionalism is such that, you can easily spot female stylists taking care of men's grooming while male stylists making women's style goals come true.

The entire Unisex Salon is designed in a way, which keeps the entertainment as well as the privacy of individuals getting services completely in mind. Unisex Salons are heavily equipped with all sorts of machines covering both sex's grooming range. Adding to it, it's always better to know what's happening around you, and things which are in trend and thus unisex salons are the best way to get those insights.

So, the next time you are planning to go for a couple of grooming sessions or taking your loved ones or buddies for some self-care, you just have to spot a quality Unisex Salon and get yourself treated with love & care. There are 75+ unisex salon avilabe in dwarka and while 570+ unisex salons avilabe in Delhi NCR.

List of Best Salons in Dwarka

When we talk about good hair salons there should be two things that need to be taken into account. First, the quality of services they offer and second, the fee charged by them. Other factors such as the distance from your residence and the locality where they are situated are secondary factors and they need to be taken into account while computing total cost. Given below are few of the tried and tested best unisex Salons in Dwarka. They basically provide haircuts and hair treatment, Facial, spa, bridal services, waxing services in Dwarka, Delhi NCR. The location, range of services, budget as well as the overall experience has been mentioned.

Le Coiffeur Unisex Salon in Dwarka Sector 12

Le Coiffeur Unisex Salon is one of the renowned brands offering makeup and grooming products in Dwarka sector 11. The trustable brand of Le Coiffeur offers one of the finest services in grooming for both, males as well as females. Build on the concept of luxury and rich experience at affordable prices, the certified team is dedicated to providing the best grooming experience in Dwarka. The services offered here range from makeup to haircuts, hair treatments, cleanups, facials, manicure, and pedicure. Adding to it, it has a fine balcony which lets you relax and enjoy the music while availing the service.

Haircut HairstylingOrganic Dead Sea CleanupOrganix Gold Moroccan Facial brazilian wax
Customer experience

Experienced one of the best salon experiences in Dwarka ever! Really love how they take care of every need of mine in the salon. I booked the Hair cut combo through zalonin app and get 20% discount. Based on my experience, I can say this is the best hair salon in Dwarka.

Avoid long queues and enjoy relaxing salon services Book your Seat in LeCoiffeur Salon In Dwarka
Hair Dramz unisex salon in sector 12

Hair Dreams Salon in Daraka sector 12 has brought new trends all around the country near you locally in Dwarka with the opening of his salon chain. You can avail of special benefits on selective days through offers and discounts. The specialty of this outlet is the wide range of facials it has brought in this chain, like New Generation Of Cosmeceutical, Power Of Research, Scientific Anti-age Treatment and many more. You will find every hair treatment and haircut available in Hair Dreams Salon in Dwarka sector 12.

New Generation Of Cosmeceutical HairstylingHaircut Classic Facials Scientific Anti-age Treatment brazilian wax
Customer experience

Value for money! I was trying to find the best salon in dwarka and found this. The place is so beautiful and the staff is really friendly. Got my keratine done from here and loved the service so much. Highly recommended for best hair services in Dwarka

Avoid long queues and enjoy relaxing salon services Book your Seat in Hair Dreams Salon In Dwarka
artisans salon in Dwarka sector 12

Artisan's Salon has an air about itself, it totally justifies it. If you are ever looking for the best salons in dwarka, and affordable luxury is your pick then Artisan's salon is just the right salon for you. The extravagant look of the salon gives you a feel of the best studio there can be in dwarka. The well trained professional staff is something to look out for in Artisan's salon alongwith the wide range of beauty products they have in their kitty. Artisan's Salon is known for suggesting and picking just the right products for their clients and has the sole agenda of providing their clients with the premium grooming experience they would always cherish.

brazilian wax Ombre Balayage Global ColorHighlight Styling Keratin
Customer experience

Had an amazing experience in Artisan Salon in Dwarka Sector 12. Highly recommended salon for wide range of salon and beauty services. Staff is professional and polite in nature and gives quality output.

Avoid long queues and enjoy relaxing salon services Book your Seat in Artisans Salon In Dwarka
Base salon in Dwarka sector 11

Base Salon is one of those salon which grows on you as you enter the salon. The mesmerizing interiors and upbeat music to get you on the right foot, the services offered by Base salon are best in class. The speciality of the salon, is that it builds a relation with the client and once you visit the Base Salon, it's highly unlikely that you'll shift to another salon. The services offered in this one of the best salons in dwarka are tailored made for the clients and comes with the best price in it's class. Every single penny spent in this salon seems worth it and keeps you wanting for more alongwith the satisfaction of the service. It should be a must in your list of best salons in dwarka, if you like warm staff, soothing music and excellent salon services.

brazilian wax Haircut Beard Stylingfacial Manicure & Pedicure
Customer experience

Excellent staff, service and owner I am very very happy from the services. Total value fror money. Even I can say, this is the best salon in dwarka which I used last few months.

Avoid long queues and enjoy relaxing salon services Book your Seat in Base Salon In Dwarka
D Hair Castle salon In Dwarka Mor

Some salons have the capability to overshadow their competitors in their market. D Hair Castle is one of those salons. If you are a resident of Dwarka Mor, Nawada, or nearby place then you should definitely give this stellar salon a visit. Placed on the main road near the Dwarka Mor metro station, it is well known for its customer service and quality salon services. To top it all, they have a beautifully designed salon that brightens your mood and just makes you keep wanting for more of their services. Their specialty ranges from Men's haircuts, Facial & Waxing services for women along with pocket-friendly combos for chemical treatments. They accept both online as well as offline mode of payment keeping it convenient for the client. Apart from the locals, it's also a student's favorite. With a couple of schools nearby and Netaji Shubash Institute Technology around the corner, it's a perfect grooming destination for the students studying there.

All Type waxing Haircut Beard StylingD-Tan Highlights
Customer experience

I had got highlights on my hair before the lockdown and it turned out to be so well! Thanks to the amazing highlight services at D'hair castle salon in Dwarka Mor, my lockdown turned out to be real fun, with all the fabulous videos I'd made! Can't wait to visit the salon again and get hair spa done from D'Hair Castle salon in Dwarka Mor!

Avoid long queues and enjoy relaxing salon services Book your Seat in D Hair Castle Salon In Dwarka
Vioz unisex salon in Dwarka seatctor 7

If gaining popularity and success by keeping their consumer is an art, then Vioz salons are the masters of it. In no time Vioz salon has managed to open two outlets in Dwarka, one In Palam whereas the other outlet in Ramphal Chowk, Dwarka Sector - 7. Vioz Salon is an award-winning salon with its stylists winning accolades everywhere and gaining immense popularity amongst its customers. Other than their amazing salon services, their salons are worth spending time in. With the in-trend music kicking in, and beverages to keep you company, Vioz salon gets each front of customer hospitality in check. For the large facility they have, their pricing is really modest which really makes it a perfect deal for their clients who are enjoying the class winning experience at modest prices. If you ever happen to cross through Ramphal Chowk, Dwarka Sector - 7 or Palam, then you are in for a magnificent view of the Vioz Salons, only this time book a seat through the Zalonin app, get an amazing deal and enjoy the wonderful salon service.

Root Touch-up Global Color HighlightsFacial Clean ups Hair & Beared Styling
Customer experience

I went with my friends to get Haircut, Bead & D-Tan combo at Vioz Salons, and it was so great! Great music, ambiance & a top-level service. All of us got the same combo done at an amazing price! Definitely recommending the Vioz salon to all. A 5-star rating for Vioz Salon! Premium services and salon at a pocket-friendly price!

Avoid long queues and enjoy relaxing salon services Book your Seat in Vioz Salon In Dwarka
Red unisex salon in Dwarka

Placed in the heart of Dwarka Sector - 6 market, you can see a big red board of our beloved RED Unisex Salon. Well, not just Dwarka Sector - 6, but you wouldn't miss it from Sector - 10 as well. A veteran in the industry Red Unisex Salon has always stood tall amongst changing times. A quick adapter to the new trends, Red Salon has always given its clients the perfect salon services which keep on bringing them back for more. Prince Section for the Men's grooming services seems absolutely exclusive where you can just be between the warmest and humble stylists, providing you an amazing undercut, slope cut, beard trim, D-Tan, and much more with the utmost professionalism. On the other hand their wide range of facial kits, bridal makeup, and especially their party makeup is a hit amongst the women. Moreover the owner of the salon, Mr. Andhresh is always there to address any kind of issue (which is rarely there), thus showing the dedication of the salon towards their clients, therefore making it a perfect choice for the Dwarka people to give it a try.

Makeup Services Chemical TreatmentsFacial Root Touch-up Hair Spa Manicure & Pedicure
Customer experience

I booked Red Unisex Salon for my sister's wedding! I got her a real jackpot deal on pre-bridal services which included facial, body polishing, cleanup, waxing and what not! Adding to it, we also got party makeups for all of us and Airbrush Bridal Makeup for her! The results turned out to be great and the makeup artist at Red Salon was also really supportive and gave us a great service!

  • Saloni
  • IT Professional, Dwarka Sector 6
Avoid long queues and enjoy relaxing salon services Book your Seat in Red Unisex Salon In Dwarka

The salon business in India is on the rise and salons are trying their best to become the best. The best salons in Dwarka are not behind and from fir time discounts to loyaly membership programs, the marketing is all time high but at the end of the day, the rating of a salon depends on the customer satisfaction it provides to it's clients. All these are making salons complete more than ever before. Fighting for the same clientel, the best salons in dwarka have put in all they could and are ready for more.

Disclaimer: The above list of the best salons in dwarka has not been sponsored by anyone and is purely rated on consumer expeirnces and zalonin benchmark standards which scores a salon based on more than 15 parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How to book the best salon in Dwarka prior to my visit?

Booking the best salon salon in dwarka is farily simple. All you have to do is, search for the best hair salon in dwarka by seelcting the location you're looking for in the Zalonin app and then select your salon services and book. Zalonin immediately sends a booking request to the salon and quickly gets the confirmation from the salon to you about your booking. As simple as that.

What kind of products are used by the best salon in Dwarka?

The best salon in dwarka use a lot of products for numerous services. In any salon, most services always require some or the other kind of product during the service which makes it important to keep the product quality up to the mark. Only certified and quality products are used and in most cases according to the skin or hair type the customer has to make sure there's side affects or irriation and enhances the skin or hair. All the products have ISI registration and many have other specific cosmetic and natural/organic product ceritifcations as well.

What are the benifits of boooking a salon through the Zalonin app?

You trust your local salon because you become familar and they understand your specific needs but still not necessarily always provide you the best service, may not have the best products, may not take you on priority becuase of other customers wh have been coming for a long time. To remove all this disparity, Zalonin only lists salons that qualify the Zalonin Benchmark, which takes in more than 100 small-to-big parameters to make sure the salons listed are already the best ones and then the keeps a track of every service, to make sure there's absolutely no lack in the service.

Along with this, it takes in the customer's personal preferences and shares the needed info to the salon prior to the booking, so the salon can provide the service accordingly. Booking a salon through Zalonin is more like an trustowrthy and enjoyable experience. Moreover, there's always amazing discounts, special offers and exclsuive services, etc to make the service much more enjoyable.

Can I get a salon booking for 1 month in advance?

Yes, you can book the appointment 1 month in advance at the best salons in dwarka. You can simply do this using the Zalonin app, which lets you book any salon before time and even a month before. Zalonin understands the customers needs and respects it's time and that's why it makes sure customers booking the best hair salon in dwarka are able to reserve their salon timings accordingly.

How much salon in dwarka charge for the haircut and beard styling?

Salon in dwarka charge according to the exact service needed when it comes to the haircut and beard. For a normal haircut, a salon in dwarka on avg charges around ₹ 150-₹ 200. For a normal beard trimming, a salon in dwarka on avg charges around ₹ 100-₹ 150. These prices may go up if a special haricut is needed or if the hairwash is added, an additional charge may be added in salons in dwarka which can be around ₹ 100-₹ 200. For beard, similarly, if a special trim is needed or shave is needed, additional charge may be added by some salons.

What is Zalonin Benchmark?

Zalonin Benchmark is a scoring criteria, according to which it checks if the merchant partner is good enough to be taken on-board or not. Zalonin does this for salon, freelance stylist and products as well. talking about salons, the benchmarks include many parameters and sub-parameters.

For service quality, it checks the stylists' certifications, trainings and experiences along with products used, tools sanitization and more similar factors.

For price, it takes in the prices of all the services and compares with the avg prices available in the market to see if the prices aren't too high.

For location, it takes in if the salon is located in a proper market that is reachable, if the salon shop is reachable and not located in some conjusted place that is not visible to the customers, if the parking is avaible or not and more similar factors. It also takes factors like professionalism of the staff, ambiance of the salon, hygiene and other factors.

Why to use zalonin salon post lockdown?

Lockdown will be over soon. Salon seats will be booked beforehand. Do not miss your chance of a grooming session. Book now at zero booking cost with zalonin. Book your salon appointment at corona safe salons near you with Zalonin

  • Each client would be checked at the salon with the use of a touch less Infrared Thermometer gun to check for body temperature.
  • Salons occupancy will run at 50% of the capacity. For eg- Salon with a seating of 6, will entertain only 3 clients at a time.
  • Stylists would offer clients with Alcohol based sanitiser at the beginning and the end of their services.
  • Stylists will be wearing face masks and gloves at all times of the interaction with the client avoiding direct touch.
  • Salon equipment will be sanitised at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure the safety of the clients and the staff.
  • Zalonin App will be used to manage data of the clients entering the salon and services availed to keep a track, helpful for the govt. as well as the staff.
  • Use of Arogya Setu app will be mandatory at the salons.